The ITEC-AP 2023 Poster Sessions will be held at the left corner of Exhibition Room. Poster presentations provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange of ideas between the presenter and audience interested in her/his research work.

The objective of a poster is to outline the findings from research, program implementation or advocacy interventions clearly and concisely so that they can be understood even without an oral explanation— especially since posters will also be displayed and viewed even when the author is not present.

All posters should be prepared in advance by the presenters according to the poster design guidelines below. However, the conference organizer is happy to facilitate the presenters with the complimentary (free of charge) color printing service, and to also facilitate in setting up (mounting) the printed posters on the assigned poster stands in the Exhibition Room in an early morning of the scheduled presentation day.

In order to allow the conference organizer to have enough time for the poster printing facilitation, the presenters shall send the poster file (pdf format, with a limited file size of 20MB) via an email to (Ms. Pimnapat Phonthani), prior to November 21, 2023. Note: the printing service is not guaranteed if submitting the poster file beyond this date.  

  • No-Show Policy: in case there is no author to attend the conference to present in the poster session, this implies a “no-show”. No-show papers will not be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore.
  • All the posters will be displayed all day long as part of the exhibition gallery in the Exhibition Room for public viewing. However, the presenters are responsible to show up and present their posters during the assigned schedule only (as indicated in the conference program). If the presenters wish to collect their posters back (dismantle), this can be done after 18:00pm of that presentation day.  
  • No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.
  • If you choose to bring handouts or copies of your poster to distribute to poster session attendees, we recommend you bring approximately 100 copies and provide contact information (i.e., author names and email addresses) on the handout.
  • Each presenter is allowed one poster and each poster will have its own poster stand.

Poster Design Guidelines

  • Organization: The objective is to present the information clearly and simply in a visually appealing way. Be careful not to overload the poster with text and/or graphics. The most successful posters are graphically rich presentations of your research that highlight and summarize the main points, with the poster presenter filling in the details in person at the session. 
  • Layout: Posters should include appropriately labeled illustrative graphs and diagrams as much as possible. Long textual passages should be avoided, and the methodology section generally should be brief unless it is the main focus of the abstract. Use a large font size for your text, such as 24-point and arrange materials in columns rather than in rows to make your poster more reader-friendly. Indicate the sequence of tables, figures or graphs with highlighted or colored numbers or letters at least one inch high.
  • Fonts and color: Use easily read type of fonts. Choose your colors to provide strong contrast and avoid pairing red and green elements to assist those with red-green color blindness. Suggested minimum font sizes are as follows:
    • Title: 36 point type
    • List of authors: 25 point type
    • Body copy should be double-spaced text: 15 point type
  • Poster Size and Template: All posters should have a portrait layout and be in the A0 paper format: 841 mm width x 1,189 mm height and leave a 50-mm margin on each side.
  • The dimension for A0 poster template with ITEC-AP 2023 logo:

Staff Contact

  • If you have any questions, please contact:
    Pimnapat Phonthani (Ms.)