(Updated on Aug 19, 2023: IEEE copyright footer stamp removed)

Full Paper Submission Guidelines

Note: This page is only applicable to regular papers. For late-breaking research papers, please see Late Breaking Research Submission.

If the digest is accepted, authors must submit a final manuscript prior to the full paper submission deadline. Late submissions cannot be published in the proceedings or presented at the conference. In addition, when preparing the final manuscript, authors must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Download the template and prepare your final manuscript following IEEE two-column final paper format. We recommend length of manuscript as follows:
    Minimum number of pages: 4
    Maximum number of pages: 8
  2. Please ensure that the footer of the first page contains IEEE copyright notice as follows:
    979-8-3503-1427-4/23/$31.00 ©2023 IEEE

    (Updated on Aug 19, 2023) Due to change in EDAS’ policy, the IEEE copyright stamp needs to be removed from the footer of the first page of the full paper manuscript.
  3. Create an IEEE PDF eXpress account and use the IEEE PDF eXpress tool to attain IEEE Explore-compatible PDF(s).
  4. Submit the converted full manuscript (in PDF) and signed the IEEE electronic copyright form via EDAS.
    **** The submitted full manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism and multiple publication. The similarity score of the final manuscripts must not exceed 30% ****
  5. At least one of the authors listed on each paper must register for the conference. Each registration covers for a single paper, and multiple submissions from the same author will incur additional charges. In addition, only papers that are presented at the conference will be included in the final proceedings.

Submit the Full Paper

  1. Go to the above link, create an IEEE PDF eXpress account and use IEEE PDF eXpress to attain IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s). All papers which will be published in ITEC-AP 2023 Proceedings MUST be compliant with the IEEE Xplore system as the papers will be archived in IEEE Xplore system.
    • For first-time users:
      • Click “Create account” on the bottom of the login form.
      • Enter the following:
        • 59272X for the Conference ID
        • your email address
        • a password
      • Continue to enter information as prompted.
      • An online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
    • For previous users:
      • Follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.
  2. Before uploading the full paper, please complete the following 2 steps first:
    • Complete the registration and payment by following the guidelines in the Registration page.
    • Electronically sign the IEEE eCopyright Form via the EDAS submission system (via your paper detail menu). Please double-check the information that appears in the IEEE eCopyright Form before submitting as this form cannot be modified once submitted.

      ** Note that the authors will not be able to upload the full paper before having completed the above 2 steps. **
  3. Submit the CONVERTED FULL PAPER (in PDF).
  4. Authors may change submitted file until the submission deadline.
  5. After the paper submission is completed, check the author information in online system and modify it with latest information. (No correction will be possible after the submission deadline.)